We want to be your best supplier

Infront IT-Partner is a comprehensive supplier of IT products and services within IT infrastructure for the corporate market. We provide value for our customers through personal relationships, passionate commitment and excellence within our business areas.

By always being attentive and listening to you, the customer, we foster the ideal conditions for you to implement your business ideas and improve the profitability of your core business by utilising your infrastructure.

Through successful delivery of our services, we position ourselves as a trusted advisor for you in your day-to-day activities. Our coworkers are specialists with many years of experience in this industry, and we co-operate with the leading manufacturers on the market. Above all, we listen to you, our customer.

There is a genuine commitment at Infront with the ambition to be our customers’ best supplier. Every transaction that we accomplish should both parties want to do again, which is a contribution for our continued growth.

Patrik Holmström, CEO, Infront IT-Partner
Patrik Holmström

Mission statement

With competence and responsiveness we strive to build long-term and sustainable relationship with you as our customer. This makes it possible for us to understand your prerequisites and what you need for your business to be able to create competitive advantages and to succeed within your core business.


We create success for our customers and partners through passionate employees.

About Infront IT-Partner

Infront was founded in 2006 and has been owned by Johan Rosenqvist, Henrik Enbom and Patrik Sandin since 2011. They all have long experience of working within the IT sector, high entrepreneurial skills and work operatively in the company. In July 2018 the investment company ShortCap became part-owner of Infront together with Johan, Henrik and Patrik. The new ownership means that we can create opportunities for further growth and develop to be an even better comprehensive supplier to both our existing and new customers.

In July 2019, the consulting company Real Time Services AB (RTS) was also acquired and thus a new group was formed in which Infront and RTS are included as two independent companies. The new group means that two previously strong companies will become even stronger together.

Infront’s development recent years:

2018: 546 MSEK
2017: 367 MSEK
2016: 281 MSEK
2015: 300 MSEK
2014: 224 MSEK
2013: 112 MSEK
2012: 60 MSEK

Our quality work

At Infront we strive for quality improvements in everything we do. In order for us to continue being your best supplier, we conduct a systematic quality work which means that we are constantly striving for continuous improvement. Our work procedures should contribute to a high and consistent quality of what we deliver, which in the end will lead to increased customer satisfaction.

For us, it is a matter of course to follow the laws and regulations that our business obeys and to constantly develop our business so that you as a customer will get products and services that are sustainable for both environment and society. As our customer, we want you to feel confident that we bring quality in all our assignments.

Do you have any suggestions for improvements or want to report a deviation? Feel free to email us >>

94 %

Customer satisfaction

Every year we execute a customer survey to find out what our customers think about us and how we can improve to become an even more important partner to you. With our guiding light CUSTOMER FOCUS, we work every day to keep making our customers satisfied. In the latest survey in 2019, 94 % responded that they would recommend us. A result we are very proud of, although we always will aim for 100 %.

Your independent IT partner

The partnership with the manufacturers we work with is an important part of our business model. We are an independent supplier and system integrator and it is important to us to be able to offer you both a wide and deep range of products and solutions. To be able to achieve a comprehensive solution it often requires numerous different components and we will always make sure that we will find the special products and solutions that make your IT environment the best it can be.

Our ambition is that we should have as good relations with the manufacturers as we have with our customers to be able to offer you not only the products and solutions that you need but also to competitive prices together with a high service standard.

We have strategic partnerships with several of the leading manufacturers in the market where we make sure to have accurate and updated knowledge and expertise. For these manufacturers, we focus on achieving certifications to ensure that our experts have a sufficiently high level of knowledge. All in order for us to be able to be your best supplier.

Dell Technologies Titanium Partner
HP Partner First Gold
Lenovo Platinum Partner