We are your brand independent and trusted partner within IT infrastructure and offer you a complete IT supply of products and services.

To have right things in the IT environment is a fundamental prerequisite for you to succeed with your core business. With our expertise and the responsiveness of our employees we can help you find the products and services that you need for your business to be able to create competitive advantages and to succeed within your business.

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Products and solutions for a smart workplace with productive users and sustainable life cycle management. 


Flexible, secure and accessible IT solutions within the datacenter that helps you be at the forefront of your business. 


Innovative and smart solutions for document management that works properly based om your business needs. 


Get control over your software assets and optimize both usage and your costs. 

We want to be your best supplier

Every year we execute a customer survey to find out what our customers think about us and how we can improve to become an even more important partner to you. With our guiding light CUSTOMER FOCUS, we work every day to keep making our customers satisfied. In the latest survey in 2019, 94 % responded that they would recommend us. A result we are very proud of, although we always will aim for 100 %.

94 %

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