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Infront - your personal IT-Partner

We focus on you and your needs

Infront IT-Partner

Focus on your core business

By always being attentive and listening to you, the customer,

we foster the ideal conditions for you to implement

your business ideas and improve the profitability of

your core business by utilising your infrastructure.

As an independent specialist within the data center

we help you optimize your data access

Your data center partner

Configuration & Logistics

Save time and money with Infront

logistic and configuration center

With dedicated logistics and product related services,

we offer you a more intelligent delivery.


Infront IT-Partner is a total supplier of IT products and services within B2B. We provide value through great customer focus, excellence, passionate commitment and personal relationships.

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We want to be your best supplier

Every year we implement a customer survey to find out what our customers think about us and how we can improve to become an even more important partner to them. With our guiding light CUSTOMER FOCUS, we work every day to keep making our customers satisfied. In the latest survey in 2017, 89 % responded that they would recommend us. The result is okay, but we are aiming higher that that!

95 %

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